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HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to my best little friend and greatest creation.  You are my soul Manhattan Tesla.  (at The Adler Planetarium)
The best and strongest mother anyone could ask for.  Breast cancer didn’t stop you and neither will the bone cancer!  #momfie @mbtcc5

Manhattan has the best family and friends. It was such a special day. 👼

"My boyfriend gets me access" @kidcudi #hetoldmetosaythis (at North Coast Music Festival)
My favorites @thatonegirldrea @meanjis #justberryd #latergram
Last night @loverslaine & @derekberry #justberryd
@swopes made Elmo do the zan in Manhattan’s bday invite!
I shall caption this ‘Because We Are Queens’ Happy Birthday Chelsea!!! @alexandreacarte #latepost (at Diversy Rock N Roll Bowl)
Drake came by The Block Sale today so we extended it another day!  Tomorrow come hang, drink, win free stuff and shop a little! (at 459 N Milwaukee)