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The Baby Lebowski (at Lebowski’s Rug)
#selfie wif da bae #throwback #justkiddingitsprettyrecentbutstilltechnicallyathrowback w/ @meanjis
#squad #whirlyball #lasertag #round2 #friendship  (at WhirlyBall)
Round 2 at Paintball Explosion w/ @aykidshots @erynallenkane @stefanponce @chancetherapper @thefirstcolleen @towkio @dannythedriver
An urban homage to Grace Jones (at Chicago, Illinois)
An urban homage to Grace Jones feat. @erynallenkane  (at Chicago, Illinois)
Errand baby selfie

Anonymous asked: could you post a chris farley gif and then come up with a question that would suit it? I'm having trouble feeling clever.


So, do you like pizza?



Grace Jones by Keith Haring.
Photographed by Andy Warhol.